Purebred Arabians Registry 2024 AHA and PAT – US Arabian Horse Registry

June 26, 2024 AHA had a Town Hall, restricted to the few who are still members. AHA does not make any effort to include those who own Purebred Arabian horses with no membership in AHA. This number is substantial including breeders who do not breed a Purebred Arabian mare (or stallion) every year; instead breeding is done maybe every other year, but more likely on a 3 or 4 year space inbetween breedings. Yet, they are very much a part of the Purebred Arabian breeder picture.

A discussion of this lengthy hour video reveals why the Purebred Arabian breed is shrinking so badly in foals registered by the year and in membership/involvement in the Purebred breed. There is and has to be a ground level involvement with the Purebred Arabian mare, not restricted to National shows for the wealthy/elite. Limiting who can participate in surveys is another way to justify continuation of what you wanted to do regardless of any survey findings. With a huge reduction in breeding, no surprise [that] data and information is a low priority.

USAHR began keeping a yearly registration log in 2022. In that year there were 1653 Purebred Arabian foals (eligible for registration under USAHR rules and regulations, ie no Thoroughbred DNA or HARC blood) registered. In 2023 this has fallen to the current, June 27, 2024 date of 1335 foals registered.

Question was asked in this Town Hall, how AHA could be following practices which harm the Purebred Arabian breed (paraphrased).
ANSWER IS EASY. AHA IS NOT ABOUT THE PUREBRED ARABIAN BREED IN ITS CURRENT ORGANIZATION, WITH THE TAKE-OVER GROUP SHOWING NO CHANGE EXCEPT FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTS. Have you as Purebred Arabian owners/breeders reviewed what this group has for ownership, breeding interests? Take a good look.

TAKE THE TIME AND READ (LARGE PRINT) ON THE 990 TAX RETURN FOR FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING APRIL 1, 2022 AND ENDING MARCH 31, 2023. https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/10744024/202400469349301550/full

Back in the early days of 2000 the obvious was right there and totally ignored by many horse organizations, not only IAHA, AHR and after the merger, AHA. The obvious was USEF wanted for the US Olympic Committee the very best, most talented riders. Same with trainers. Now for owners; not breeders, USEF is after those individuals with very, very deep money pockets who would spend without asking questions. AHA has endorsed the Spectator segment! Not owners nor breeders who are the actual support of the Purebred Arabian breed but viewers!

Pinto shows are still going and growing where that group has active chapters! AQHA has addressed it problems; this year the executive level of AQHA was given a mandate to correct more problems! This breed is moving ahead, but not Purebred Arabians.

AHA answer has been to get rid of those who are not part of the exclusive group: whether wealthy, or whether willing to spend income, most people in most areas of the country could not, even if able, spend today on AHA Activities, and they have not been spending in AHA shows, etc. The Youth/Amateur Championship show in 2020 with no qualifying showed there is interest, there is involvement with the Purebred Arabian breed, but not on the AHA/USEF level.


For Promotion AHA in their June 2026 video: CHA, Certified Horsemanship Association = equine professionals (trainers), accredits equine facilities
American Youth Council → USEF
IEA , Interscholastic Equine Association → USEF
Pony Club → USEF
US Dressage Foundation under USEF
USEF itself
YEDA, Youth Equestrian Development Association, the all western group → USEF

Horse & Rider magazine owned by Growth Catalyst Partners (GCP) private equity firm acquired by The Equine Network, January 2021, (Pat Trowbridge), known as Active Interest Media, based in Boulder, Colorado [Horse & Rider magazine owned by DJ Murphy Publishers LTD is UK edition]
My New Horse is an affiliated partner with Equus which was purchased by Active Interest Media and in 2021 sold to Growth Catalyst Partners
. . . drive the company forward in building the market-leading data-driven platform that supports government executives and contractors by providing data and transparency that supports their decision-making around government programs. https://about.govexec.com/company/blog/growth-catalyst-partners-acquires-significant-stake-in-government-executive-media-group-and-forms-new-company/

Left-progressive political-donor billionaire George Soros funds the Open Society Foundation and the Humane Society [HSUS] under his Charitable Foundation. He also has direct involvement in Saudi Arabia with horse racing.
AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY ASSOCIATION, ASPCA. Probably one of the mildest statements re ASPCA is . . .  out of that $18, only about 36 cents is sent to shelters to help animals in need. And some of the rest is used to battle hunting, farming and ranching. . . . On the flip side, the extremist group is sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars—and even has $11 million in offshore Caribbean accounts. [published October, 2023] https://www.nrahlf.org/articles/2023/10/24/watchdog-group-exposes-anti-hunting-aspca-finances-and-fundraising-schemes/

How many of you know that the creation of allbreedpedigree and the Equus website to sell were funded by HSUS, Humane Society of the US, George Soros? Animals are not children or “fur-kids”. Horse, cow, chicken or dog; animals are by law private property. One of the purposes of HSUS is to destroy America by controlling agriculture, animals, and the US.

The Resolution for the Take Over of AHA by a Group From Within AHA, Including Tex Kam from Alberta, Canada, supported by Lara Ames and Peter Conway, with PAT having control of all Actions.


The beginning of this Town Hall video was with the coming Convention in November, 2024. Why? Because a resolution is being submitted which is a re-do, take-over of the current AHA for the interests of a few. AHA has since the merger moved forward on the path USEF (preceding organization which became USEF has been noted) is using. This includes the recent push on “horse welfare.”

Make no mistake, all who love animals, horses, Arabians, Purebred Arabians are concerned with their welfare, but not in the path and way of those financed by George Soros. HSUS is in Maryland, PETA is in California, and the ASPCA is the catch-all, the coordinator as revealed when Ringling Brothers Circus (F.E.I.) took them on in a massive lawsuit, ultimately winning. When HSUS was soundly defeated in Maryland with their attack on a certain Polish breeder, new tactics emerged. When a major executive with American Quarter Horse Association abruptly resigned from this organization and appeared the next week on the front steps to the capital, Washington, DC, with PETA, all horse organizations were wide-eyed, and aware, but too late. Safe Sport, introduced by Diane Feinstein, now deceased, was pushed by the far-left element in this country and passed, signed by a US President who did not know what he actually was signing!

Attempting to pass off the decline in the foal registrations and in membership for the last five years, 2019 to 2024, only shows how LOW the interest is TODAY in the Purebred Arabian breed. On the video screen was “targeting marketing to closeout pending registrations”. The second AHA-PAT lawsuit, filed in 2021, created the push for final processing on thousands of registrations never completed! The early days of January, 2022, had horses registered for the first time which were not only old, as in 20 years but several were either no longer alive nor was ownership claimed! Thousands appeared in both AHA (AHR) and CAHR from 2019 forward with CAHR having a large, very large as thousands, being added to the data records dating back to the merger. The second lawsuit was about royalties not paid, which the court ruled was not proven, and in having a modern system of registration.

Strategic Planning has been a BUST! Better sense of community? What community? What is left? Minnesota Fall Festival has failed and has set up their exit! The Pyramid Society no longer exists. There is no Sheykh Obeyd, the Davenports exist in the name of a few determined preservation breeders, there is no Spanish group, and where is there a Polish group? Remember when Polish group was huge? ! The Crabbets barely exist and acknowledge there is no interest.

What young person wants into what exists today within the AHA? Creating a Video with no input/no changes is not the answer. And this group knows such, they have to know. Economically solvent? Come On! Really ! Just in March, 2023, stated in the Board of Directors meeting if not for the sale of the building and the remains of the 2020 PPP loans AHA would AGAIN NOT BE SOLVENT. Nothing has changed. Registrations continue to decline! Shows continue to either struggle or are no longer around. In 2024, the March Board of Director Meetings has not been published. This is the annual meeting where the financials are discussed, along with the plans/events for the year. There is not listed the Audit report for 2023 and 2024; those reports exist but they are not for the public, not on their website.

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