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EMAIL: usahregistry@gmail.com
MAIL: USAHR, PO Box 423, Littlefield, TX 79339

Contact inquiries will be answered by working Board of Trustee member(s) or those assigned by a Trustee member of the USAHR. There might be a time delay so be patient. Our goal is to have the registration complete within a 2 to 3 day time frame though the Variant/Genetic testing will take longer than 72 hours.

We are here to help you as a Member of USAHR, and to the general public. Most of our forms can be submitted electronically direct to the Registry. Some do have to be downloaded, completed, scanned and then sent electronically. Registrations and other actions may need to be “bundled”. Any questions, please send us an email. USAHR must have full payment for its services including declined credit cards before processing of any form/registration can begin.

Membership or Website Questions should be submitted from this webpage CONTACT US Form above. General Membership, including Youth Application is here on the main website page in the Main Menu Bar.

Part B Membership for Corporations, Partnerships, Guardianship of Minors

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