Purebred Arabians Registry MEMBER SIGN IN INFO – US Arabian Horse Registry

Software Design Schedule shows most likely after June, 2023

Members may access their personal USAHR account from the Member Services section. Use the very top menu bar and click on Members Only. Why all this when it would be so easy to sign in from the home page? Because of the hackers, ransomware which has not stopped operating. The double protection saved USAHR at the time of the other group’s ransomware attacks and is a major protection offered by the website host. In addition, each person should have their own individual “unique” membership number and be able to see quickly all the details of their account.

The USAHR Account Report is under Construction. To Use Member Services, Registry or Free Records use the very top sign in format, use the special membership number which is only for the person/company/trust named in the membership application. This membership number on your membership card gives the member access to their personal Member Account. Free Records is available now with membership and is updated on a varied but regular basis. Registry use is planned for registration of Purebred Arabian foals and horses beginning July or later in the year, 2023.

For Members to access their Account, they need to sign in using their USAHR membership number from their Membership Card.

For access to Members Only, Registry (Registration) and Records (Online Stud Book) members only need to use the two-step verification which is sent via email to members upon establishing membership with US Arabian Horse Registry. This is a username and password.

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