Purebred Arabians Registry Membership Card – US Arabian Horse Registry

Membership is required to access the sections on Members, Registration, and Records. YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD IS YOUR ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP. This Membership Card is generated from the information supplied on the General or Corporation Membership Application.

Confirmation of United States Arabian Horse Registry Membership and Membership Number

We are pleased to inform you that you have been granted membership to the United States Arabian Horse Registry and a membership number has been assigned to your membership.   The Membership expires December 31 of each year. The Membership Number is permanently marked for your membership application and is not assigned to any other entity at any time. You must use this Membership Number to access your Account, to register, to complete required breeding forms, and for a transfer. You are responsible for any misuse or for any actions caused by such misuse of your US Arabian Horse Registry membership number.  The US Arabian Horse Registry with its Rules and Regulations and information are online at www.usahr.org. or can be read in the Members Section.

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