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How do I sign in to the new USAHR.org website for access to the Registry and Member Services section as well as Records? Click on the Membership and complete the form. For those in Companies, Corporations, Trusts and Minor (Guardians) these parties must download, in addition, Part B, complete, have notarized and mail to the Registry. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks as the US Post Office is slow. For actions in the registration process or actions within the Registry there is another form used which is called Registration. The USAHR membership issues each member an account number which is your ID, Membership Number, which is necessary to access your Account Online.

Can I complete the forms necessary for what I want to do and make payment On Line? Yes ! USAHR uses Square as a money gateway and the funds go directly to the USAHR bank account.

How do I find my USAHR ID number? This number will be emailed to you when your membership registration application has been processed, along with the username and password needed to access the other sections of the Registry. Your USAHR ID number will be on your membership card form emailed or upon request be mailed to you.

If I want to save the credit card to my account is this possible? No! No credit card information is saved once the payment has been processed. Remember there is a required three (3) percent added convenience fee when using your credit card. Cash is not accepted; personal checks are not accepted, and American Express credit cards cannot be accepted. There is an additional 3% of the total to be added to your payment as a Convenience Charge.

Can I save a credit card to my account so that I don’t have to provide the number each time? No! The Registry is not saving any credit information once the payment has been processed. This is for your protection. You can change payment methods at any time.

Can I report the death of my purebred Arabian without sending in the registration certificate?
Those wishing to notify USAHR of the death of their purebred Arabian should send a signed statement stating the full registered name of their purebred Arabian, the registration number or a means of identifying their Arabian and the date of death. The Certificate of Foal Registration does not need to be returned. There is no charge.

How do I report the gelding of my stallion or colt or the spaying of my mare?
If wanting to report the gelding of your purebred Arabian stallion or colt or the spaying of your mare, please either complete the form available in the Registry section OR submit a statement with the full registered name of your Arabian, registration number, date of castration or spay and if the procedure was done by a licensed veterinarian a signed statement from him. There is no charge. USAHR records will be noted and changed to show the gelding or spay date as well as on the Records information; thus the Certificate of Foal Registration does not need to be returned.

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