Purebred Arabians Registry Re-Uniting the horse with its registration papers – US Arabian Horse Registry

If the registered owner is dead it’s a done deal unless family members will agree to give or death certificate and bill of sale. OWNER’S ESTATE IS INVOLVED; IF NO ESTATE OR WILL ??

BILL OF SALE  reissue the papers to the new owner

If the owner has sold the horse to a person they don’t remember and absolutely want to follow the rules it ends there.

If the owner is willing to sign a bill of sale and get an affidavit of lost papers you can get papers.

case of a lien they belong to the registered owner. More often than not that registered owner already feels like the horse was stolen so they don’t cooperate. Even though it was seized through a legal lien. STABLEKEEPER LIEN FORECLOSURE PROCESS

There are so many case scenarios of why a horse that is a registered purebred is separated from its papers and it’s registered owner.

DNA tested it will have its identity on who the horse is. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be reunited with its papers. 

purchased a horse at an auction that had a different buyer filled out. That buyer was the dead husband of the woman who brought the horse in. And they used whiteout on the papers. I had a bill of sale from the auction and the papers. AHA canceled those papers. 

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