Research of the Ancestry of the Purebred Arabian horse with its Pedigree and Heritage, Plus the Breeder, Breed Specifics and if available Transfer of Ownership.

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This listing contains all known Purebred Arabians included through USA records and Canada records, and all USAHR Purebred Arabians registered with their ancestors. Be SURE to FIRST read ABOUT FREE SEACH and USE OF SEARCH on using the Search records.

If the Search Results shows Name Available, there is a provision within USAHR Registrations for the Name to be Reserved at a cost of $100 per current year. Check with the Registry Section, Forms, to create a Reserved Name. Directions will be on the form. Be Sure to read the Naming Rules in the Rules and Procedures. Some Names may not be acceptable to USAHR.

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Each and Every horse was individually researched for inclusion in this database. Horses from other databases which are from the beginning of the Purebred Arabian in America had a different database design than USAHR, therefore your results may show more data in the USAHR Registry.

Membership in WAHO is not a factor, as all data in all the studbooks of WAHO Member countries are the individual copyright of those Registries, not of WAHO.  That means it cannot be taken or used in any form, including internet-based databases, by any other entity without permission.   AHR obtained those permissions when they first started their database. They were therefore able to add data from printed studbooks when these were still available, and in fact in the very early days several countries subscribed and added their own data; however, over the last few years many registries have themselves since moved from printed studbooks to their own online services, which means that for practical reasons AHR can no longer keep their DataSource as up to date as it used to for overseas studbooks. All the same, it has become relatively easy for most owners to look up pedigrees online, depending on which country they are interested in.

DISCLAIMER: Data provided by USAHR is generally accurate but occasionally errors occur as a result of incorrect data received from others, mistakes in processing , and other causes. USAHR shall have no responsibility or liability for the consequences, if any, of such errors, but would appreciate then being called to its attention. Example: The horse Albahar. Records show his dam does not have a pedigree but he has registered foals; the horse is not shown as an American bred registered Purebred Arabian as he is listed under a registry as a foreign sired horse since the sire was sold overseas.


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