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Details, paying attention to those details is what makes for a Registration Process which runs smoothly. In the Registry Section, all the forms are available and almost all have an explanation page. The goal is to be able to do the actual Registration Application in a total of 15 minutes electronically submitted to the Registry Office. Our Contact Us webpage also gives direct links to many forms which are in a PDFormat and must be downloaded, complete information required, and then scan to send directly back electronically to the Registry.

All the forms required which may or may not be new to Purebred Arabian breeders/owners are explained in detail. New dates for registration deadlines are shown clearly at the top of the Registry homepage. Register your foal in the first six months for $100 and one can also register the foal in the calendar year of its birth for $150, both with DNA kit included. There is a different fee schedule. From import/export to replacement/issuance of Duplicate Registration Certificates are explained in detail. There is only one $15 fee for Transfers regarding one horse/foal. Every effort is being made to keep the Purebred Arabian foal/horse with its registration papers. There is a separate Stableman’s Lien to solve the problem of many Purebred Arabians in rescue situations.

The Photos webpage details how the foal/horse is to be shown on the photos for registration. These photos can easily be sent from your cell phone. Charts have been created to use for the “best choice” of head markings – with the permission of the Jockey Club – there are many to chose from plus a Whorls chart and form if the color is grey and there are no white markings. Leg Markings and Hoof Colors each have their own description chart from which to make the “best choice”.

Genetics is covered with all the requirements and forms.

Rules and Regulation. Rule 3C. Semen not to be used beyond 2 calendar years following year of death or castration
With respect to a stallion foaled in 2020 or after, the semen of such stallion may not be used beyond two (2) calendar years following the year of his death or his being gelded to produce a foal eligible for registration with USAHR.
Rule 3D. With respect to a mare foaled in 2020 or after, any embryos or oocytes of such mare may not be used beyond two (2) calendar years following the year of her death or being spayed to produce a foal eligible for registration with USAHR.

After much research and discussion, the decision has been made for Certificate of Registration to remain as known today and to not use Digital Certification of Registration. A member can also download the Certificate if desired though the original Certificate will continue to be mailed to the Breeder.

The software package under development enables the breeder/owner many advantages. All the main elements of registration, paperwork itself, membership, and accounting are all part of the software design, not piece-mealed.

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