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Arabian Horse Association scheduled Board of Directors Meetings:
March 17-18, 2023 In Person (Includes lunch with AHYA on 3/17/2023)
August 4-5, 2023 (suggested August 7 – 8, 2023 Zoom
Wednesday, November 15, 2023 Zoom


This webpage has been divided and will have links to websites, some very old, with tremendous history behind them, while others will be current, today news on different breeding lines within the purebred Arabian breed. There will be a section (to be developed) on videos, training methods for starting a purebred Arabian horse (non-show oriented), various purebred Arabian horses working in the field, interacting with humans. Enjoy

The Kellogg Legacy goes without saying as a rich part of the background of the purebred Arabian breed in America. http://www.wkkelloggarabianhorsecenter.com/

The Crabbet Stud, UK, was a huge influence on the purebred Arabian breed world wide. Read here: https://www.crabbet-heritage.com/articles

Where can one go to find out more about the purebred Arabian breed in endurance riding than the Tevis Cup. http://www.teviscup.org/

Azria Arabians has photos (left hand side of page), along with articles. http://www.azriaarabian.com/links.html CMK
Rushcreek Ranch, Nebraska sandhills has a rich history of its own. Sadly, the purebred Arabian breeding herd is no more; however, here is a ranch couple in California carrying on their program. http://tracks.endurance.net/2017/01/rushcreek-bloodlines-continue-at-snell.html

Howard (Howie) Kale brought emphasis to the Russian lines to many in the US during his days of operation of Karho Farm in Arizona. http://www.tom-arabians.com/russian-history-1.html

Spanish purebred Arabians were with the military stud – read here the history: http://www.spanisharabianhorsesociety.org/SpHist_SpanishArabianHorses.html

There are many articles on the Polish Arabian Studs, purebred. Here is one: http://www.janow.arabians.pl/en/ Be sure to use the left hand index to the many different sections of this website.
Another on the Polish Purebred Arabian with a different twist, again use the left hand index: http://www.tom-arabians.com/stallion-polish.html

Arabian Horse Archives, A Global Museum to Preserve Breed History. https://arabianarchives.org/

Straight Egyptian Babson Arabians, purebred Arabians

Al Khamsa, purebred Arabians

Kimberli Nelson was for a long time the authority on the Hadban strain in Straight Egyptians, purebred Arabians. However, the Hadban strain is found throughout the purebred Arabian breed. This is a PDF. http://eljanahstud.com/eljanah/Hadba%20Strain.pdf

What can be more important to a Registry than the creation of foals to sustain the purebred Arabian breed: https://www.equine-reproduction.com/EquineRepro.shtml


Videos put a heavy load on the uploading time for the entire website, thus the name of the video is given with the link to the video.

Polish Arabian Horses

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Arabian horses are crazy . . . or are they? Trainer’s perspective

Bedouin Story

US Arabian Stallions National Champions at Halter 1958-2003

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