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Which Membership for You

Owner in the General category is a/n individual(s), farms, clubs, partnerships, syndicates, limited liability companies, churches and schools.

Part B is required for all Companies, Corporations, Trusts and/or Minor with Guardian applying for Membership with US Arabian Horse Registry. This Part B MUST be downloaded and sent ONLINE to the Registry. The Membership account will not be finalized until this section has been notarized and returned to US Arabian Horse Registry Office.

BE AWARE How this form is completed is how a Breeder or Owner will be used in the Registration of foals or older horses. This applies to each and every entity named above, Companies, Corporations, Trusts, Minors. An Owner Authorization form, as a PDF, downloaded, completed, notarized if needed, scanned and sent electronically to the Registry will probably be required.


USAHR does not have any stipulations for Purebred Arabian ownership which limit a member because of age. If the youth is too young to sign his name, parents and guardians can submit an Affidavit to USAHR stating the youth’s name, birth date and information stating they need to be able to sign for USAHR paperwork submitted under the youth’s name with the Owner Authorization form, PDF downloaded.. USAHR does not charge a fee for the use of the Owner Authorization form but does have a $25 fee regarding Affidavits..

A youth membership is designed for members under age 18 with a one-time fee of $20. A youth membership cannot be purchased in a joint, family, farm, ranch or business name. Youth membership does not have an automatic renewal as it is a one-time fee at the time membership application is submitted and remains with no additional membership fee until the 18th birthday. There does need to be document as to the birthdate.

Visit the Registration section, [Registry] for all of the following and much more:
Register a foal or older Purebred Arabian horse
Reserve a Name for a foal
Simplified Markings of head, legs, and hooves to Identify a Purebred Arabian horse for Registration
Transfer ownership to include a foal not registered
View the Rule Book and Regulations
Listing of Forms and Fees

If using Cashier’s Check or Money Order for payment, please mail to USAHR, PO Box 423, Littlefield, TX 79339. Allow 2 to 4 weeks processing. You are advised to use a traceable, expediated mail service. METERED MAIL will only be accepted with an official postmark from a post office from the country of origin that indicates the location and date the Postal Service accepted custody of a mailpiece, and it cancels affixed postage. MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 423, Littlefield, TX 79339; EMAIL: usahregistry@gmail.com. Payment must be in American funds.

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