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USAHR announces the details for the program youth involvement, data sharing, more promotional activities and events [cross opportunities benefiting all], and places a shining star of brightness for the future of the Purebred Arabian community through owning, breeding and riding a Purebred Arabian horse.

The Event Trust Funds Program, meant to “assist Texas communities with paying costs related to preparing for or conducting an event,” allows cities or counties to share the budgetary burden of an event with the state. For every $6.25 that Texas gives for an event, the locals pay $1. Event Trust Funds Program when Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 2402 into law

Sec. 2021.003.  GENERAL DEFINITIONS.  In this subtitle:(1)  "Accredited Texas-bred horse" means a Texas-bred horse that meets the accreditation requirements of the state horse breed registry for that breed of horse.(2)  "Active license" means a racetrack license designated by the commission as active.(3)  "Appaloosa horse" means a horse that is registered by the Appaloosa Horse Club.(4)  "Applicant" means a person with a legal, equitable, or beneficial interest in a license application.(5)  "Arabian horse" means a horse that is registered by the Arabian Horse Association or by the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.

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